Would you like to have your own numismatics web site? A page in which you could have your list of double coins, good and bad collectors, an exhibition of your collection, list of your favourite links... Nevertheless you don't know to begin or if you do it appear like an arduous and hard work: to look for programs, to learn to use them, talking online searching solutions... Now I offer you the possibility to create your own web site of numismatics by the simplest way. The I give you an archive with the web site finished in where you will only have to add your own content - doubles list, good and bad collectors, numismatics links... All this with detailed instructions in order to neither doubt nor problem exists in confection of the web site.
If you want to see a sample of the finished web site, you can do it picking on the "PERSONAL" section (below). To begin, download the archive with the site. You can do it in WinZip or WinRar. You can also download the FileZilla program, although it will not be in use until the end, when you will have to upload your web to server. SITE-ARCHIVE Compressed in WinRar or WinZip, pick twice on the file to extract it. Though I recommend to you to puncture the right button of the mouse - extract to folder; and content will extract quite a folder with this name, to work easier. FILEZILLA: Files transfer program, which will allow you to upload your web site to Internet. You can download in WinZip or WinRar. Once extracted; only pick twice on it and it will be opened; without any type of installation. When you have download and uncompressed the programs, you are ready to create your web site. You must go to Site-Archive to it and situate on the file "index.htm", pick with right button of the mouse and chooses to

modify. The page will be opened in the program "Frontpage" there you have the precise instructions in order that you complete your web page of numismatics. That is very simple, and you only have to write information you want put on your page; or simply to copy and paste something that already you have prepared; as your list of repeated coins or those of good and bad collectors. Also you can introduce a visit counter to know visits that receive your site. You can find it in the same web where you want upload the page (following part) or in other pages that they dedicate to it: Www.nedstatbasic.net or www.onestat.com. They give you precise instructions to know how to upload it. And after that, you only have to upload your site to Internet, which is described in the last part. Now that already you have finished the page you will have to upload it; you must to look for a server that will give you free hosting for your web site, there are a lot and you can find them by searching in google " free hosting ". I will suggest two for the example: www.lycos.es and www.miarroba.com Once activate your user's account, go into space web which corresponds to you as member and activate it trying to take notes of passwords and names you give. One more thing, when it asks you for name " user FTP " you will be writing the title of your page. After this, you have to open the filezilla and write: 1-AT "ADRESS", in lycos: ftp.usuarios.lycos.es. And in miarroba: ftp.webcindario.com. 2-AT "USER" you must put your name of " user FTP ". 3-AT "PASSWORD" the password. 4-AND IN "PORT" you have to put 021. Now pick on "QUICKCONECT" and when it connects, you can see in your left side the files that you have in your computer, selects the folder in which you have the page and drags all the files from this one to white space on the right side. Once concluded this operation, your site will be ready to visit on internet. When you finished it send me an email to include your site in my links list.

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